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Training Aids can help your game. The best training aids will make sense and help you get the feel of a correct swing. We’ll be testing many training aids that apply to the golf club, so come back often to see the latest. Here’s a selection of some well known and effective training aids.

MEDICUS Dual 2000

MEDICUS Dual 2000

Medicus Dual 2000 5-Iron The Best Selling Golf Training Aid Ever For seven years in a row, the Medicus was chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainer club in the world, and it is the best selling golf training aid ever. Used by over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals. Once you learn to swing the Medicus Dual 2000 without breaking it you know you re swinging in-tempo and on-plane. You ll get rid of that slice and start hitting longer, straighter shots and start shooting lower golf scores! Voted the number one swing trainer 7 years in a row Used and endorsed by Jack Lumpkin, one of golf s top 100 instructors Patented Dual Hinge lets you know when you swing incorrectly Teaches you to swing in-tempo and on-plane Instantly identifies the flaws in your swing Helps eliminate slices and hooks Lets you groove the perfect golf swing Hit longer, more accurate shots again and again. Can be used indoors or out – at home, on the range, or on the course. Improves all aspects of your swing – from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow-thru Helps develop muscle memory so that you develop a perfect and repeating swing Improves consistency and control.

PATH PRO GOLF Path Pro Training Aid

Path Pro Training Aid

The Path Pro is the first training aid of its kind to offer help with ANY swing flaw. Currently, there are over 35 different uses that address everything from full swing to short game. With the included instructional DVD, you can find the problem and learn how to fix it using the Path Pro. Works for right-handers and left-handers and from beginners to touring professionals. The Path Pro is lightweight and portable and requires no assembly. It’s suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Used by Gary McCord, Peter Kostis and 65 of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine s Top 100 Teachers.

BAG BOY Swing Setter by David Leadbetter

Swing Setter by David Leadbetter

Bag Boy Swing Setter by David Leadbetter : Need a better swing with more consistency? We all do. With so much to concentrate on, it s easy to forget some of the fundamentals that make a good swing happen. Or even if you do get everything right, you re so busy thinking about it that your tempo gets thrown off. Develop a consistent, repeatable and powerful swing with the Bag Boy Swing Setter s visual, auditory and advanced kinesthetic feedback. Incorporate the four fundamentals of the David Leadbetter teaching philosophy: grip , plane , release and tempo . Just 6 minutes twice a week with the Bag Boy Swing Setter will give you the feel for a great swing and solid ball striking, and will improve your distance, accuracy and consistency . Grip : A great golf swing begins with a great grip. The Golf Pride form-molded grip on the Bag Boy Swing Setter makes sure you have a perfect grip every time. Swing Plane: The Bag Boy Swing Setter s Plane Pointer allows you to easily see the proper face position and maintain a consistent swing plane throughout the swing. Release: Adjustable magnetic balls promote a correct setting of the wrists on the backswing Free 30-day trial of LinxTracker to track your golf rounds and pinpoint any weak areas of your game Sizing: If your glove size is S, M, or M/L, choose the Medium size. If your glove size is L or larger, choose the Large/XL.

TEEGO Teego Home Range Package

Teego Home Range Package

Teego Home Range Package The Teego Home Range Package has everything needed for fun and efficient practice at home! Large capacity, portable, and natural surface complient, the Teego Home Range Package is great for golf simulators, or to take with you to the range. The gravity driven Teego requires no batteries, and its quick-load ball magazine makes reloading it a snap. Made of durable impact and heat resistant plastic, the Teego helps build muscle memory by enabling repeated swings without having to reset to tee-up or position a golf ball. Includes a large cage net, durable nylon hitting mat, ball shagger and Teego. Cage Net – 8 x 4 x 6 Hitting Mat – 36 x 18 x 5/8



Since I started swinging The Speed Stik, my swing speed has increased by 10 miles per hour. I am hitting the ball farther and straighter, and because of this my scoring average has improved on the tour. – Vijay Singh Faster = farther. Distance matters in golf and the faster you hit the ball the farther it goes. The Speed Stik is one of the most popular golf training aids available, and with it you ll increase the speed of your swing so you can hit the ball farther and score better. Improve your sense of balance, strengthen all the important golf muscles, and increase your overall flexibility. As you swing, the Speed Gauge measures your swing speed in miles per hour. To reset the gauge simply tap the handle end against the ground. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Instructional DVD included. Improves the efficiency of your golf swing Enhances flexibility Improves balance Strengthens golf muscles Can be used indoors and out For right or left handed players Endorsed and used by Vijay Singh and Peter Kostis Choose Blue if you weigh less than 175 lbs. Choose Red if you weigh more than 175 lbs.

MOMENTUS Original Momentus Iron

MOMENTUS Original Momentus Iron

Momentus Men s Original Iron : Achieve improved consistency, flexibility and clubhead speed with the Momentus Original Momentus Iron training aid. The evenly weighted shaft of the Momentus Original Momentus Iron builds muscle memory through repetitions for the correct on-plane swing. Just 10-15 swings per day will have you hitting straighter, more consistent shots. Includes instructional DVD and custom molded grip. Right hand only.


Inside Approach

The Inside Approach How it works is why it s so effective The Inside Approach was developed to give golfers a clear visual understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the most critical point of the swing… the impact zone. To hit solid, accurate shots, the clubface must be square or squaring at impact, and the club must be approaching the ball from an inside path. The Inside Approach s unparalleled design gives golfers immediate feedback (both positive and negative) on whether they have accomplished this task. The path in which the club is swung directly influences one s ability to square the clubface and thus be consistent. If the club is swung down too steep or from out-to-in, it makes it very difficult for your hands and arms to square the clubface – the result of which is usually an open clubface at impact causing it to slice (85% of all golfers do this). If you happen to square the clubface when swinging from out-to-in, you may hit a pull. (Often, you may find that you pull your short irons and slice you longer irons, and especially your driver). When the club is swung down on the correct path, it promotes the proper sequence of movements necessary for your arms and hands to naturally square the clubface. Some golfers have a tendency to hit pushes and hooks. These ball flights are also a result of poor path, however, the path now is being swung too far from the inside or underneath the correct swing plane. The Inside Approach is universally designed to correct both of these undesirable swing paths by giving you safe and instant feedback on whether you have swung the club on the correct path. If your swing path is correct you will miss the cushion; if it is incorrect your club may hit the cushion. The cushion, if hit, is designed to safely break away thus not hurting you or your club(s). This immediate feedback (positive and/or negative) is by far, the most effective method of training a new motor skill. Includes a carrying bag, an instructional video (VHS) and a brochure.


Plane EZ

Plane EZ Helps maintain the arm triangle throughout the swing allowing you to feel the arms and body move together so the club stays on plane. Includes The Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer, a 35-minute instructional video, and 50-page CD-ROM. For right- and left-handed players.

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