Club Set For An Advanced Golfer

Advanced Golfer Profile

  • Your game is strong but ready for fine tuning.
  • Your golf club set configuration is about the details for you.
  • You hit most shots pretty solid.
  • Now you want to be able to work the ball and control trajectory better.
  • You hit 8-10 greens in regulation but to hit more you’ll need clubs you can really feel.advanced golfer
  • Your drives are consistent but a little extra distance wouldn’t hurt. Those par 5s are starting to be reachable in 2, especially if you only had just a bit more distance.
  • Your long irons are sometimes strong but still inconsistent. Those 200-230 yard shots to the green can still be a challenge.
  • From 100 yards in you are very strong. You just need to fine tune those wedges and get the most short game options possible.

The Ideal Set

The ideal set for an advanced player would start with some Players Irons. These clubs have less perimeter weighting and a thinner topline. They have minimal offset and a more traditional look. They are easy to move the ball right to left and left to right. You can really feel the ball and tell where it’s going.

Driver would have a little less loft (9-10 degrees). Make sure the shaft is correct for your swing speed and ball flight. The trial and error process may be required to get the shaft that feels just right to you.bobby jones workshop hybrid

Fairway woods and long irons are the critical clubs to make those long par 4s and par 5 reachable. You may want to find that perfect 3 wood for the par 5s and that 2 hybrid for high soft-landings on those long par 4s. This may also take some trial and error and certainly a solid club fitting.

Your wedges options are where the details start to really count. Finding the right combination of loft, feel and bounce to fit your requirements is the name of the game. Much depends on what loft you have on your pitching wedge. You want 5-6 degrees between clubs up from there.

For an advanced player, custom fitting of shafts and club lofts to your game requirements becomes much more important. You want to make sure you can cover every 10-15 yards down from your longest club. You also want to be able to control trajectory for whatever shot requirements pop up… high and soft for small or hard greens and low and boring for wind and knock downs.

Set configuration – Woods (1, 3, 5) Hybrids (3) Irons (Players) (4-PW, SW, LW), Putter

How swing speed effects set configuration and fitting requirements

Driver Carry Distance Swing Speed Shaft Flex Iron Head Type Shaft Type Iron Set Driver Loft Wood Set Hybrid Set
125-150 65-75 L SGI G (all) 7-SW 14-15 1,5,7,9,11 4,5,6
150-175 75-85 A SGI G (all) 6-SW 13-14 1,3,5,7 3,4,5
175-200 85-95 R GI G 5-SW 12_13 1,3,5,7 3,4
200-225 95-100 F GI G & S* 5-SW 11-12 1,3,5,7 3,4
225-250 100-110 S GI G & S* 4-LW 10-11 1,3,5 2,3
250-275 110-125 S GI, P G & S* 4-LW 9-11 1,3,5 2,3
275+ 125+ X P G & S* 3-LW 8-10 1,3 2
* graphite in woods, steel in irons LW=lob wedge



L-ladies, A-amatuer, R-regular, F-firm, S-stiff, X-extra stiff

G-graphite, S-steel

Iron Type

SGI-Super Game Improvement

GI-Game Improvement


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