Well it’s Master’s Week. And everyone is picking a favorite to win. Who are you rooting for?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Ya many are picking Tiger to win after his win at Bay Hill 2 weeks ago. Are you rooting for Tiger?

Ever since Tiger had his… indiscretions… well I have a hard time rooting for him. Actually I’ve never been a big fan of Tiger. He always seemed to take things… and himself too seriously.

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When he was winning and was obviously the best in the world, and maybe heading to be best of all time, I suppose I cut him some slack. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But he has proved what he is really made of. Anyone who treats his family that way… well he’s got a lot to learn.

Not that I should talk. There’s nothing perfect about me.

But Tiger gets so much for doing so little. Ya so little.

I know, some people think that being a great athlete is somehow a good thing. But a gifted athlete is just that. Someone who has been given a great gift. If an athlete doesn’t realize how lucky they are and how blessed they have been… well they may be a great athlete but they are not a great person.

And that’s what counts! Anyone can be dealt a great hand… but it’s how you play that hand that matters.

Tiger has been dealt a great hand in life. And all he has done is feed his greed and ego with it.

Okay maybe I’m being too harsh. And yes I wish I didn’t feel this way. How nice am I to say these things about someone else. I guess that doesn’t make me a very good person either.

OK… I guess you’re right. I take it all back.

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And who am I rooting for?

Well I’m rooting for Phil Mickelson. Now there’s a nice guy!