Well 2 days are under our belts. The cut has been made. And we’ve got a great weekend in store at the Transitions Championship.

The weather is amazing. But that’s typical of this time of year in Florida.

And the golf has been hot. Padrag Harrington tore it up on Day 1 with at 61 but cooled down on Day 2 shooting 2 over par. He’s 2 behind Jason Duffner who was steady Thursday and Friday with a pair of 66’s.

As Marshall on the par-5 14th hole I got to see some action. Paddy hit his second shot on Friday onto the hill on the right side overlooking the green. A large tree blocked his shot but he managed to put the ball close for a realistic birdie putt. He didn’t make it which was the story of the day for him. He made no putts on Friday.

The second shot on the par-5 14th is a blind shot so as Marshall I was positioned on the hill over to the right side of the green to watch for balls coming up that way. Often the pros have no idea where their balls land so having a spotter over there is helpful. That’s what happened with Harrington’s second shot, so I was there to protect the ball and move the crowd for his 3rd shot.

That was also what happened with Ernie Els second shot. Even the spotter from NBC didn’t see the ball, so when it caught my eye in the distance as it was landing and I found the ball, I had my 10 seconds of usefulness to the tournament.

Anyway, it’s all been a lot of fun. And now that the cut has been made we can get down to the real business of weekend golf at the Transitions Championship 2012.

I’ll keep you posted on Saturday’s results in my next post.