It’s Day 1 at the Transitions Championship 2012. On a course that players ranked as one of their favorites, Padrag Harrington shot a 61 on the first day of the tournament. With 10 birdies and 10 under on the par 71 layout, Paddy may have exploded the prediction by many players that 12-14 under would win the tournament. I guess we’ll see.

There’s plenty of time left for other players to match or exceed Paddy’s score, but it’s not likely seen as his score is the course record. Many players are at 5 under, and Will Claxton (who?) is at 7 under, so if Padrag comes back a little it could be a dog fight.

But again, we’ll see. There’s lots of golf yet.

And tomorrow I’ll be marshaling the 14th hole, so I’ll give you a first hand and up close report on how things progress at the 2012 Transitions Championship.

Over and out.