In my opinion the player with the best tempo in golf is Ai Miyazato. Take a look at these videos and see if you agree.

Plus one of her practice techniques is an old Harvey Penick concept from his Little Red Book video. He teaches to try and make a practice swing on the range that takes at least a minute. This is what Ai Miyazato is doing in this particular video. It looks easy to do but it’s not.

But here’s another video that highlights her tempo during a practice session. If you can do this your game will get better. Just thinking of her swing has helped mine.

What I particularly love is her transition from back swing to down swing. There is no rush. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even care if she starts the downswing. There is no HIT in her swing. It’s like she doesn’t care if she hits the ball or not. It all just FLOWs.

And in this last video from the LPGA Rewind series, Ai Miyazato wins the ShopRite LPGA Classic and becomes #1 in the world. Her shots come later in the video but she maintains that beautiful tempo throughout her round.