Golf Club Grips

There are many quality grips available today, but for the most part if you are looking for quality there are only three choices — Golf Pride, Winn, or Lamkin. They all make high quality grips and also offer many variations.

Personal preference plays a large role in grip selection. It’s much like shoes. Just find ones that feel right — but make sure they fit correctly. Try several grips and you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.

In the last 10 years, the variety of grips has exploded and now you can choose from many different tacks, materials and colors.

Major Golf Grip Manufacturers

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride may be the brand that is most familiar to golfers. They claim that 80% of the grips on tour are Golf Pride grips. They’ve been around since 1949 when they developed the first rubber grips. Early grips were made from leather strips that were wrapped around the golf club.Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Golf Pride was also the developer of the first slip on grip. In 1953 when the slip-on came out, it caused quite a stir. It made it much easier for manufacturers to provide a selection of grips to golfers and also made changing grips much easier. Their Green Victory grip, which came out soon after the slip-on, was also a milestone and is probably the most famous grip in golf. It’s still available pride victory grips

Manufacturers like Lamkin, and Winn also have carved their niche in the grip marketplace with their unique designs. Perhaps not as well known as Golf Pride, they are both considered to be first quality and offer innovative designs.

Winn GripsWinn 5G8X golf grip

Winn built its success in the tennis industry. They introduced their patented Elastom ETM® material to the golf grip market in 1996. Their super soft grips were the first true innovation in over 30 years to be introduced into the golf grip market. Winn 6715W grip

Winn offers golfers an alternative style grip. From the comfort of a Classic Winn Grip to the tackiness of their Excel Collection to the playability of their V-17 AVS they offer a wide selection. In my experience the only issue with Winn grips is their longevity. They don’t last as long as the Golf Pride grips I’ve used. But boy do they feel good.

Lamkin GripsLamkin Crossline grip

Lamkin is another grip supplier that has been around a long time. As a matter of fact, they’ve been providing quality golf grips longer than any other grip company in America. Lamkin perma grip

The Lamkin Crossline is one of the most successful grips in the company’s history. Crossline grips have claimed numerous tour wins. The Crossline Series is engineered to reduce torque and increase hand traction for Tour-winning performance shot after shot. The original Crossline grips are available in Standard, Midsize (+1/16 in.) Jumbo (+1/8 in.) and Junior, as well as in Full Cord and Ladies models. For more information on Lamkin grips visit

Grip Care

The most important aspect of grips is to keep them clean and replace them when they lose their tackiness. If you need to hold the club too tightly because the grip is slippery, the excessive tension in the hands is a sure swing wrecker.

Grips can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water and you’d be surprised how good they can feel again. Most grips should be replaced at least once a year, more if you play frequently. I change my grips every 6 months and I play about once a week and hit balls twice a week.

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