Clone Golf Clubs

Are clone golf clubs the best deal in golf? Many players think so. But are they really as good as the major brands. Sure they cost 30% of what major brands cost. Does that mean they are 30% as good? We don’t think so. Here’s the story behind clone golf clubs and how they compare to brands — and why. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Golf Club Fitting

Through the years, the standard set of golf clubs has been designed for an average person, with average height, and average swings. But when you go to the driving range do you ever see an average person hitting balls? No…everyone is different. Some are tall. Some are short. Some are fast swingers. Some are slow. Some are pushing to the right. Some are pulling to the left. Some are even women. Getting fit for YOUR game is the key to success on the golf course.

The Keys To Getting Better

If you are a beginning golfer you want to get better. Here’s what it takes to move up to being an intermediate golfer. It takes getting fitted to the right clubs for your game. It takes understanding how to manage the golf course. And it takes learning the right fundamentals to take your game to the next level. After all… a golfer is as a golfer does. Check out this chart to see what I mean.
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